Thank you to all that came out to vote for UNBOSSED on Sunday! We were partially successful in holding back the Rob Bonta juggernaut; four out of our fourteen were elected:

  • Kiisha Orr
  • Nina Moore
  • Austin Tam
  • Dan Wood

The individuals on our slate who had run two years ago all got several dozen more votes than they did the last election — but not enough to overcome the MANY more people that Rob Bonta and his candidates brought to vote.

Congratulations to the winners from the Bonta slate. We hope that Bonta will give them a bit of latitude to vote with their conscience, rather than making strong "suggestions" as he has done in the past. Furthermore, we challenge the delegates to challenge Bonta — give him new ideas of legislation to pursue, and help him resist the pressures that result from taking donations from questionable sources such as police unions, pharmaceuticals, insurance, real estate, etc.…/rob-bonta Here are photos of the tallies. Positions 1 through 7 for each gender are the elected delegates; 8 and 9 are alternates.

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On Sunday, January 27, 2019, Democrats gather to elect 7 women and 7 men from each assembly district in California as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have the chance to vote for a new state party chair. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Click to view PDF of entire slate

At the Election Meeting:

  • Please cast your vote for all 14 East Bay Unbossed Slate candidates and Dan Wood for executive board (2 different ballots)
    Andrea Luna Bocanegra Cheri Johansen Rabi'a Keeble Lily (Laura) Kelly Lisa LaFave (Cysewski) Nina Moore Kiisha Orr       Nestor Cuellas Michael Fortes Matt Hummel Mike Katz-LaCabe Royl Roberts Austin Tam Dan Wood
  • Come vote in person (and ideally bring friends and family members to do the same)
  • Come early to pick up a ballot and cast your vote on the spot. No need to stay for the whole meeting, but staying later will allow you to vote for the important Executive Board position.

Our Platform

The East Bay Unbossed Slate is a group of dedicated, honest, and action-oriented people — Democrats and active in the Democratic party — who understand we must work hard to bring liberty and justice for all. A strong, united California Democratic Party will lead the charge to protect our communities from the potentially disastrous effects of the Trump administration's policy positions, and provide a positive agenda to serve as a model for the national Democratic Party. The individuals on our slate are a reflection of our state, representing an array of religions, races, class and geographic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and ages.

We are willing to challenge party establishment in order to stay true to our progressive values and to the ordinary citizens who elected us. The Democratic Party is mostly guided by powerful politicians so it's vital that the delegates come from the grassroots and not be selected by those who are already part of the system. We’ll never “fall in line” or be coerced to endorse unmerited candidates or promote measures that go against our interest. We will always support those who embrace the most progressive values.

All East Bay Unbossed candidates will work for new progressive leadership of the state party, and we pledge to join and become active in the Progressive Caucus. We believe the party needs rebuilding from the ground up, and our inspired candidates, who will work together in power and push for authentic change, say the time for new blood, new direction, and fresh faces is now. East Bay Unbossed will stand up for justice for women, people of color, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, people struggling with housing, the economically disenfranchised, immigrants, and all marginalized people. We believe climate change, safe and affordable housing, immigration reform, and a living wage are not sideline issues, but should be front and center in state and national decision-making. It’s time to revive real democracy for all, not later, but now.

What does a state party delegate do, anyway?

  • Elect party officers
  • Endorse local, statewide, and congressional candidates and ballot measures. This has a great impact!
  • Attend annual convention and, optionally, quarterly E-board meetings
  • Network with other Democrats
  • Promote the California Democratic Party agenda
  • Vote to endorse resolutions and the state party platform
  • Get involved with caucuses (e.g. Progressive, LGBT, Veteran's, African-American, etc.)

Who are the delegates comprised of?

  • About one-third come from the County Committees across the state. (Most of these members are centrist and party insiders)
  • Another one-third are the elected officials and the people that they appoint (and usually direct how to vote).
  • The final one-third are elected by ordinary people elected by citizens. It is important that these delegates are not aligned with elected officials because otherwise the delegates would consist almost entirely of party insiders!

Who’s eligible to vote?